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The Packtalk Slim Solo is Cardo’s most powerful ‘Rider-to-Rider’ intercoms kit with Bluetooth 4.1 connectivity, Dynamic Mesh Communication and powered by JBL for the ultimate multi-party experience.

Cardo partnered with JBL to deliver the best sound quality the market has ever heard. The JBL speakers included with the PackTalk Slim measure 40mm across for a full-range immersive listening experience. You’ll hear balanced bass and crisp treble like never before.

Good technology should only compliment your riding experience. With Cardo PackTalk Slim, an advanced Natural Voice Operation platform keeps your hands on your bars where they belong. “Hey Cardo, music on”, “Hey Cardo, next track”, “Hey Cardo, mute audio”; a full suite of menu navigation lies right within easy reach of your vocal fingertips.

The Cardo PackTalk Slim is high powered DMC (Dynamic Meshwork Communication) technology with a slim, stylish design. DMC allows up to fifteen riders to maintain uninterrupted communications within a spontaneous and fluid virtual network. Unlike other devices, DMC allows each rider to randomly join, leave and re-join the group without compromising the multi-party conference conversation and without pressing any buttons.

When the weather gets tough, the PackTalk keeps going. The PackTalk carries an IP67 waterproof rating. Any rain, sleet, hail or snow will not have an impact on your PackTalk’s performance.

The PackTalk Slim includes a set of long and short unit mounts as well as long and short battery mounts. This modularity enables the PackTalk Slim to be compatible with most helmets. See “Helmet Fitment Information (pdf)” for a list of verified fitments with the recommended unit and battery mounts.


IP67 Waterproof and dustproof
Unique design including an ultra slim control unit and a concealed rear mounted unit
Includes 2 different control unit and battery pack mount styles to accommodate different helmets
DMC communication range (line of sight)
Full 15-way bike-to-bike conferencing at a range of up to 1600 meters (1 mile) between each rider (rider groups may span 5 miles total)
Cardo Gateway for intercom with non-Cardo headsets
2 Bluetooth channels to connect with phone/GPS devices
Click-to-link for spontaneous intercom conversations
Phone features include make/receive/reject calls, speed dial, conference call with intercom
Stereo Bluetooth (A2PD) for wireless music streaming with music sharing between rider and passenger
Built-in FM radio with RDS and radio sharing
6 built-in FM radio presets, auto scan, and seek
Parallel audio streaming so music and GPS instructions continue during intercom calls
Customizable voice control technology (VOX
Customizable speaker volume (through AGC) for different ambient noise levels
Cardo Smartset app: Android and iOS compatible
Customize setting and software updates through Cardo community
Multilingual setting menu and voice announcements
Interchangeable hybrid and corded microphones
JBL 40mm stereo speakers
Digital sound processing for audio performance
Up to 13 hours talk time
Bluetooth 4.1

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