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Motorcycle Clutches, types and how they work.

When it comes to riding a motorcycle, the clutch is an essential component that allows the rider to smoothly engage and disengage the engine from the transmission. A motorcycle’s clutch is responsible for transmitting power from the engine to the transmission, and it’s what allows the rider to smoothly change gears while riding.

There are two types of clutches commonly used in motorcycles: wet and dry. Wet clutches use oil to cool and lubricate the clutch, while dry clutches do not. Wet clutches are typically found in larger motorcycles and are more durable, while dry clutches are more common in smaller motorcycles and are less expensive to replace.

Regardless of the type of clutch, they all work in a similar way. The clutch consists of a set of plates that are squeezed together by a pressure plate when the rider pulls the clutch lever. This causes the plates to separate and disconnect the engine from the transmission, allowing the rider to change gears. When the rider releases the lever, the pressure plate pushes the plates back together, re-engaging the engine and transmission.

Proper maintenance of the clutch is important to ensure that it is working properly and to extend its lifespan. This includes regular inspection and replacement of the clutch plates and springs, as well as ensuring that the oil level is correct (for wet clutches).

Dont forget about your clutch cable, which is another common part which can tend to detariate with age especially with a lack of maintenance.

Riders can also extend the life of their clutch by using it properly. This includes avoiding slipping the clutch (riding with the lever partially pulled) and using the clutch to smoothly engage and disengage the transmission when shifting gears.

Overall, the clutch is a crucial component of any motorcycle. By understanding how it works and taking proper care of it, riders can ensure that their motorcycle is running smoothly and efficiently.

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