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The Monimoto Motorcycle Tracker

Hi, everyone

Motorcycle theft is always on the rise, it seems. It gets especially bad just after the holidays this time of year, when thieves are well aware that people are more likely to have brand new toys worth taking. Some of the articles I’ve read total up the value at around £3million’s worth of bikes being robbed every month.

Since 2018, Monimoto have produced one of the least expensive and yet most effective Motorcycle Tracker brands on the market. And until recently – the design has been so effective that it hasn’t changed all that much. It’s connectivity has cycled back and forth between the 2G and 3G networks but ultimately it’s ability to use GPS and GMS to home in on a stolen motorbike fitted with one of these little units has been nothing short of a game changer in the fight against bike theft.

The Monimoto M1-M6

The Monimoto 7

Back before I had one, when someone mentioned a bike tracker I immediately thought of complicated looking hardware. As well as a specialist to perform some very invasive surgery to wire it into the bike’s loom followed by a hefty labour charge. And then an even bigger charge to have the thing actually do it’s job through a subscription service. Now when someone mentions bike trackers to me, I think Monimoto. That small, simple, black baton like object. Small enough to hide on a wide variety of bikes with out the need to go chopping into looms. And cheap enough to keep the service going. So little a cost that I don’t even feel a sting when paying for it. The confidence and peace of mind has been worth every last penny.

So the latest one, the Monimoto 7, has been a big deal. It’s a whole new design, no longer that baton-like shape and looks to be so much more concealable for an even wider variety of bikes now. But it’s not just the shape that changed. It’s connectivity has improved as well. Now with even more initialisms like GPS, GMS, LTE the new Monimoto has even more tools in it’s belt to track down missing bikes. It’s gone back to using 2G but that’s not a bad thing. Anything more than that is a waste and in some countries they’ve dropped the 3G service all together, such as in the US. So by using 2G you get the most coverage on the device – you can now track internationally! UK, Europe, USA, you’re covered!

If you don’t see the need for the decreased size and international connectivity, getting the older Monimoto model is still an option while stocks last and obviously going to be a little cheaper for you. But for those of you wanting that smaller size with more options for hiding with that international track-ability the new Monimoto 7 is well worth it. But no matter which you get, the subscription is still that low price of just under £33 to keep you covered for the full 12 months.

To me, the product just works. Pop it in the bike, pay the people and when something disturbs the bike – if the fob is present, it’s okay. If the fob isn’t present, it must be someone up to no good, alerts are fired out and the locating tech kicks in. If you’re wondering about the Monimoto yourself, Monimoto have put out a great little infomercial about the product that explains it far better than I ever could.