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Stomp Pit Bikes 2021 Spring Drop

Along with the pubs, it seems like track days and places to ride have also begun opening up! In light of this, we are very pleased to announce that the Stomp Pit Bikes range has a fresh new look and is due for their next drop very soon!

Moving into the next generation of Stomp Pit Bikes, the whole range is now in super stealth black & neon yellow colours. Definitely a smart, striking and distinctive look, so you will always be able to pick out Stomp Pit Bikes against the rest. 

These bikes are set to reach our shores in the not too distant future, around the first or second week of May and will almost certainly be out of stock before they even land in the country. So enquire about preordering and buy early to ensure you have yours secured and reserved. Otherwise you may have to wait as late as July or later for the next drop of bikes into the UK.