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Site Updates and Improvements!

We have been working hard to make the site, faster, better and more accessible for our customers for quite a while now. And at long last, we’ve added something the site has sorely needed for all this time – a proper parts finder! If you’ve been to our site before, you’re probably wondering what the extra search bars are for. This is so that customers can search for their bike brand, model and year to more easily find bits for their bike! Just put in that information and everything we stock for that bike should pop up!

However, as with all new changes, this could still have a bug or two crawling around in the inner workings. Its a brand new feature for us and we’re adding more and more bike compatibility data all the time. So please bear with us while we iron out any kinks and tackle any issues as they arise. In time we hope our parts finder will grow to be a consistent and reliable feature that makes looking for parts so easy our customers come back again and again. So if an item for your bike doesn’t come up, don’t fret. You can still use the normal search bar to look for items or you can give us a call to see if we can get a hold of a part you’re struggling to find.

We will email you when the product is back in stock.