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Electric Motor Speed Controller 36v 800w


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Work Voltage:   36Volts

Matching Motor: DC brushed motor

Rated Motor Power:  800 watts

Under Voltage Protection: 31.5V±0.5V

Usable Motor:  36V 800 Watts

Speed governor 1-4 V(Throttle )


This controller is suitable for electric bike tricycle & scooter

This is a brush motor controller.

Red & Black(1): Brake light, Thin red (power Positive) /thin black (Power negative)

Red & Black(2) (small cable): Charging port.Thin red (charge input power Positive) /thin black (Power negative)

Red & Black(3)(small cable) : indicator light.Thin red (Indicator power output) /thin black (indicator negative)

Red & Blue(4): Key Switch(power locks).Thin Red(VCC)/Thin Blue. (If there is no power locks,red connection to blue)

Yellow & black(5) : brake,Thin yellow (Brake signal)/thin black(Negative Power)

Red, Black & Blue(6): Speed governor(Throttle )

Thin blue(Speed handlebar Signal input) /Thin black (Negtive Power) /thin red(1-4V Positive Power)

Red & Black(7) (large cable) : Battery connections, Thick Black (Power Negative) /Thick Red (Power Positive)

Yellow & Blue(8) : Motor connections, Thick Yellow (Motor Negative) /Thick Blue (Motor Positive)


*The power connector should be the last connection made.
*Fuse or circuit breaker protection is required between speed controller and battery pack.
~Optional Connections do not need to be hooked up for the speed controller to operate.
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