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JMC Multi Purpose Spray 400ML


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A resin, acid and silicone-free, universally applicable product for five fields of application: as corrosion protection, lubricant, cleaner, contact spray or for rust removal (rust dissolver)

  • Lubricates, cleans and cares
  • Excellent creep characteristics ensure rapid rust and corrosion penetration for effective rust removal
  • Very good lubricating properties – eliminates creaking and squeaking noise and reduces friction and wear
  • By subtracting dirt, grease and oil residues, a good cleaning performance is ensured
  • Good corrosion protection properties due to best adhesion to metals
  • Produces a thin, viscous protective film, which protects even the smallest unevenness from moisture and thus effectively prevents corrosion
  • Water and moisture displacing properties
  • Resin, acid and silicone free
  • Good compatibility against rubber, lacquer and plastics
  • Eliminates leakage currents


Soldered bolts, pipe fittings, screws, nuts, joints, bowden cables, shafts, locks, etc.

Lubricates closures, hinges, bushes, chains, door locks

Cleans and maintains plastic and metal parts such as claddings and housings

Prevents corrosion of metals and electrical assemblies, cable connections, relays, connectors, couplings, etc.

Prevents ice from closing cylinders and closures

Application: Pre-clean the surface to be treated. Spray from a distance of approx. 20 cm evenly.

Temperature range of application: -20 +150 ? C

Color: light yellow, transparent

Odor: neutral

Packing: Spray can

Contains: 400 ml

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