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Motul Gear Oil MB 80W 1L Mineral


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MOTUL GEAR MB is a multipurpose motorcycle gear oil based on mineral oil with high pressure additives for manual transmissions


– Very high pressure absorption capability ensures optimum transmission lubrication even at the highest temperatures.

– Reduces friction and prevents wear

– Prevents corrosion and does not foam

TYPE OF USE Extreme Pressure lubricant all gearboxes and gearbox/differential without limited slip system operating under moderate loads and speed, or transfer gearboxes, mechanical transmissions without hypoid gear, reduction gears operating under moderate to severe load and speed.

PERFORMANCES STANDARDS API GL-4 APPROVALS MAN 341 Typ E1, Typ Z1 and Typ Z2 MB-Approval 235.1 ZF TE-ML 17A under N? ZF000395Extreme Pressure lubricant for an efficient anti-wear protection. Very high lubricating properties to reduce friction. Suitable for any type of seal. Anti-corrosion, Anti-foam



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