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Silverback SBX40 Penetrating Maintenance 3-1 Oil


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Silverback SBX40 is a Multi Purpose product with excellent lubricating, cleaning, dewatering,? penetrating, and corrosion inhibition properties.
Can be used

  • on all ferrous metals,alloys, rubber, plastics,? Carbon fiber
  • as a general purpose lubricant specifically designed to release seized and corroded components
  • as a general purpose lubricant.
  • a dewatering fluid or as a temporary anti-corrosive coating.

    WHY USE SBX40?

    • Protects against Corrosion
    • Cleans and Lubricates Moving Parts
    • Water Dispersant Formula
    • Enhanced operating temperature range
    • PTFE for surface protection , improved lubricity and load bearing

Weight 470 g
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