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Motorcycle battery terminal bolts M6x12 with nuts


Specifications for M6x12mm BZP Battery Terminal Bolts

  • Type: Battery Terminal Bolts
  • Overall Bolt Length: 17mm
  • Bolt Hex Head Size: 10mm
  • Bolt Thread Length: 12mm (approx)
  • Nut Hex Size: 10mm
  • Nut Height: 5mm
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Colour: Silver
  • Condition: Brand New & Unused
  • Package Includes: 2x M6 Bolts + 2x M6 Nuts

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Battery terminal bolts

Universal M6 BZP battery terminal bolts, suitable for a wide range of motorcycle batteries. Thread size is Course M6 (6mm x 1.0mm) and the total thread length measures approximately 12mm.

Minimizing corrosion is the key to maintaining a good long-life electrical circuit. Not only does this maintain electrical circuit performance, but also provides better corrosion protection. This will also minimize current leakage in the long term.

Underneath a motorbike can be a dirty place and with the expansive use of electronic components, its never been more important to keep your bike clean and well maintained. These universal M6 BZP battery terminal bolts offer an ideal solution that will improve the longevity of your battery connections and ultimately the lifetime of your battery.

Batteries are probably the most environmentally destructive component on any vehicle. Looking after them properly can mean that they need replacing less. Not only does this help to save money, but it also goes a long way to protecting our planet. These highly affordable, easy to install, reusable M6 BZP battery terminal bolts offer a great way to minimize battery corrosion and lengthen your battery life cycle.

A standard fit for many 12V and 6V motorcycle batteries. Easy to install and no instructions are required, although some technical knowledge will be needed for installation.


Weight 15 g

Terminal Bolts

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