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GY6 125 / 150cc moped Generator, Stator, Magneto - 8 Coils


Alternator stator [8 coils] – GY6 125 / 150cc

Alternator stator GY6 125 / 150cc.

There are several variants of these alternators for these motors. However, one can make the differences very easily. There are stators with 6, 8 or 11 coils. This variant has 8 coils. To ensure the correct component, check the number of coils of the required alternator before ordering. The plug of the connection cable is equipped with 3 pins and also has 2 additional connection cables.

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Generator Stator Magneto (8 Coils)  for GY6 125 / 150cc moped  manufactured by Tourmax.

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