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DID Standard Chain 428D/122 with Spring Link


Please compare original chain length and pitch before ordering. If you are unsure or your bike uses a non-standard chain and sprocket set-up, please get in touch so that we can work out the ideal chain and/or sprocket kit for your bike.

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DID Standard Chain 428D/122 with Spring Link

DID is an OEM of many Japanese and European brands. Leading racing teams in the

Road and off-road sports rely on the technology of DID.

DID 428D:

As a successor to the tried and tested 428 standard chain, the 428D has used a new technology for manufacturing the rollers.

Up to now, the rolls of sheet metal strips have been wound, resulting in a seam and thus a weak point.

Thanks to the new technology, the rolls are made of round material and wear on this seam is avoided

– 20-50% higher wear resistance compared to DID 428

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