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Monimoto Motorcycle Alarm Tracker



– Easy to install. No wiring!
– Free App to set up and gives alerts direct to your phone
– Works with GPS and GSM
– Battery powered and batteries are easy to replace!
– First two months tracking subscription free!
– Small and can be used on Motorcycles, Caravans, Boats, Cars etc.

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Monimoto Motorcycle Alarm and Tracker

The leading portable tracker on the market and very easy to install.

This motorcycle alarm tracker has no wiring, so is very hard for the thieves to find, which is the main problem with installed devices.

Great free App that sets the device up, making it easy to use and sends tamper alerts direct to your phone as well as tracking if the vehicle is moved.

Works great with both GPS location and if that fails GSM location (locates from three nearest cellphone towers)

Battery lasts 12 months and is easy to replace.

Small and compact enough to hide on the machine and as it only uses cable ties, can be moved from bike to bike, or even to a caravan, boat, car or whatever you like!

Way cheaper than anything similar too. This brilliant little unit retails for £149.00. You do have to subscribe to the Monimoto service to keep your bike tracked but this unit comes with the first two months free and then it’s only a little over £30.00 to keep your bike tracked for 12 months. Definitely the cheapest tracking subscription we’ve ever personally come across!

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