Motorcycle 4 wire regulator single plug universal
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Motorcycle 4 wire regulator single plug universal



4 Wire Male Plug Voltage Regulator Rectifier

Universal 2 Phase 4 Wire Motorcycle Regulator & Full Wave Rectifier

Black or Grey 4 Wire, 2 phase full wave rectifier and 12V DC voltage regulator. Suitable for most motorbikes, scooters and quads and even complete classic bike conversions.

Works with kick or electric start engines. If you’ve only got a kick start you can even throw out your battery and run your electrics solely from this combined unit.

Motorcycle regulator rectifiers convert the fluctuating alternator current into 12Volts DC. Allowing you to run your electrics and charge your battery, all in one unit!

Swap out your old unit or even convert an old two-part system. With just 4 wires, you can finally simplify your bikes electrics.

Suitable for any motorcycle with two live output wires from the alternator. The integrated full wave rectifier on each AC input makes this unit ideal for two phase systems and even single phase systems! Simply connect up your two coil wires then connect up your battery, and you’re done!

Wiring your bikes charging circuit has never been so easy! The heat sink on these units is electrically isolated from the internal circuitry, making this 4 Wire regulator rectifier also ideal for positive earth set ups.

2 Phase 4 Wire Full Wave Regulator Rectifier Specifications

  • Type: 12V DC 4 wire Regulator Rectifier
  • No. of AC Input Phases: 2
  • Rectification: Full Wave
  • Overall Length: 68mm
  • Overall Width: 58mm
  • Overall Height: 23mm
  • Cable Length: 170mm (approx)
  • Distance Between mounting Holes: 51-55mm
  • Mounting Hole Diameter: 6x8mm
  • Connector Type: 4 way Connector

Max watt 110 watt

Charging output current 0-4A

4 Wire Full Wave Regulator Rectifier is Suitable for…

Most Motorcycles with a carburetor based fuel system. Also suitable for classic bike conversions with a 2-phase stator coil.

Today motorcycle regulator rectifiers are considered plug & play devices, but they are not all the same. When it comes to wiring it’s essential that you know what each of the fitted pins or wires are for before you connect anything up! Otherwise you can damage your brand new bike part before you even get started, let’s avoid that and continue reading?

Yellow, White or Pink = AC Inputs
(from the stator to the regulator rectifier)

Red = V+
(from the regulator rectifier to the positive battery terminal via a fuse)

Green = V-
(from the regulator rectifier to the negative battery terminal)

Most manufacturers have adopted subtle variations of Honda’s standard wiring colours from the classic motorcycles of the 1970’s. Here’s a quick fundamental break down of the most commonly used wire colours and what they mean.

Of course not all manufacturers use the same wire colours, especially in their wiring looms. So it’s always best to check your bikes wiring manual or talking to your local auto-electrician before diving straight in. However, the majority of aftermarket wired regulator rectifiers have adopted these same wire colours.

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