Grip Puppies Anti Vibration Handlebar Grip Covers
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Grip Puppies Anti Vibration Handlebar Grip Covers



Grip Puppies anti vibration Handlebar grip comfort covers with universal fitting.

Reduce vibration, Improve throttle control, increase comfort.

Do you suffer from vibration through the handlebars of your bike? Then Grip Puppies are a solution. Grip Puppies are a soft, squeezable grip that simply slips over your standard rubber grip (there’s no need to remove standard grip) leaving you with a softer, more tactile grip that absorbs and reduces the vibrations, giving greater comfort to almost any bike. Another benefit is greater throttle control by nature of a larger grip diameter (especially on fly by wire throttles!). A simple and very effective solution to hard rubber grips or vibration prone bars.


  • Grip Puppies simply slip over your existing grips to reduce vibration and improve comfort.
  • Made from a high tech foam material that is U.V., ozone and oxidation resistant. Foam does not weaken or crack as a result of years of outdoor exposure. Wall thickness is approximately 0.4 cm.
  • Universal fitting – Grip Puppies fit over all standard grip sizes – no need to remove existing grips.
    The standard Grip Puppy will fit standard bars sizes and grips. They are 12.7cm long and will fit grips that are 3.2 cm to 3.7 cm in diameter.
  • Great for adding a little extra thickness and comfort to your grips. Will also work with heated grips
  • Ideal for rejuvenating worn original hard rubber grips.

Universal Fitting – couldn’t be simpler

Check length of the Grip Puppies against your existing grips, and trim to length with a craft knife or similar if needed (using appropriate care!).
Apply a little soapy water to the inside of the Grip Puppies and slide them over your existing grips.
Ensure that throttle side Grip Puppy does not overhang onto the bar end impeding throttle movement.
Allow to dry then enjoy the ride! It really is that simple!

Additional information

Weight 30 g
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