Suzuki RM65 Kawasaki KX 65 Piston Kit Athena
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Suzuki RM65 Kawasaki KX 65 Piston Kit Athena



Piston Kit – Athena 44.46mm (B) Top End Rebuild


Kawasaki, KX 65, 2000-2021
Suzuki,RM 65 ,2000-2008

Technical features

Big End Pin Diameter (mm) 12x8x36,5
Bore Diameter (mm) 44.46
Compression Ratio STD
Displacement (cc) 65
Net Weight (g) 93.4
Number Of Segments 2
Piston Head Type Domed
Piston Pin Type Biconical
Piston Type Melted

Athena 4-stroke off-road cast pistons.

Produced with cutting-edge CNC machining tools, which ensure dimensional tolerances of less than 0.01 mm, Athena pistons are made of special high-performance materials (nickel, silica, and aluminum alloys) that guarantee the same reliability of the OE piston, while at the same time providing greater resistance and excellent performance. The perfectly smooth profile ensures a regular flow and the perfect flame propagation. Some pistons? skirts are moreover treated with a molybdenum disulfide coating applied by screen printing which further reduce friction to enhance performance and durability. This piston for Athena and OE cylinder is equipped with piston rings that guarantee less friction with the cylinder and therefore a higher performance.

The proven quality of Athena pistons is offered at an extremely affordable price.

This piston kit contains the piston, the pin, the circlips, and the piston rings. All components are replaceable and interchangeable in case of need.

All Athena products produced in greater displacement and power than those provided by the road code of the user’s country, are intended exclusively for competitive use. Athena declines all responsibility for any use of the product contrary to national regulations.
Guarantee of compliance should not be applicable to products destined for competitive sports use or which are used in high-performance or high-speed applications unless it is a clear case of faultiness.

Make Model Year
Kawasaki KX 65 2000 - 2021
Suzuki RM 65 2000 - 2008
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