Athena Forged Piston Kit  Suzuki RM-Z 450
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Athena Forged Piston Kit Suzuki RM-Z 450



Suzuki RM-Z 450 2005-2007 Athena Forged Piston Kit 95.46mm (B-size)

Athena stands for quality and performance. These pistons are forged with the same technical competence as those manufactured for F1 and MotoGP.

Athena offers you a broad assortment of pistons fashioned after original numbers. The piston’s Squish area is ergonomically designed to minimise friction. Its treated surface optimises flow, which not only increases performance, but also prolongs cylinder service life.

B pistons are recommended for all used cylinders.

A pistons are recommended for new or newly Nikasil-coated cylinders.

A B piston is marginally larger than an A piston, which compensates for wear. C pistons are larger than B pistons, and so on.

Athena, leader in producing motorcycle spare parts for over 40 years, unveils its new range of 4-stroke off-road forged pistons made by reverse extrusion. Produced with cutting-edge CNC machining tools, which ensure dimensional tolerances of less than 0.01 mm, Athena pistons are made of special high-performance materials (nickel, silica, and aluminum alloys) that guarantee the same reliability of the OE piston, while at the same time providing greater resistance and excellent performance. The perfectly smooth profile ensures a regular flow and the perfect flame propagation.

Some pistons? skirts are moreover treated with a molybdenum disulfide coating applied by screen printing which further reduce friction to enhance performance and durability.

Athena engineers ensure advanced technical solutions and the highest quality standards equal to or better than those adopted in OE production, so as to guarantee performance and reliability.
Each piston, engineered in Italy by Athena R&D department, is tested on engine dynamometer benches under progressive stress load, and thereafter on track to validate its performance even in the most extreme conditions.
The proven quality of Athena pistons is offered at an extremely affordable price.

Technical features

Big End Pin Diameter (mm) 19x10x45
Bore Diameter (mm) 95.46
Compression Height (mm) 22.2
Compression Ratio 12.0:1
Displacement (cc) 450
Net Weight (g) 327
Number Of Segments 2
Piston Pin Type Biconical
Piston Type Forged


Make Model Year
Suzuki RM Z 450 2005 - 2007
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