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MPS Team

Meet the Team, here at MPS we don’t just keep the cogs turning we are actually bikers ourselves.

Lets start with the head honcho, colonel, big boss, some of the nice ones he gets called by the staff, John.

I originally got into motorcycles because of my Dad, he always had bikes when I was young and he rode them in the Army, often coming home on the trusty Armstrong MT500’s, these things were bulletproof.

As soon as I was big enough I was messing around riding bikes off-road, anywhere possible. Then as soon as I could get my license I was straight on the popular Yamaha DT 125.

After a few other bikes and when I could afford it I bought a new Suzuki GSXR 600 K7, this was my first taste of speed and i was addicted, unfortunately or fortunately I had a bit of a crash on it and needed a few of the plastic rivets holding the fairings on. For the life of me I couldn’t find them anywhere and guessed a lot of other bikers must be in the same boat. So always having the entrepreneurial spirit, I took a gamble and found a supplier in China. I used what I needed, sold the rest on EBay and without realizing it I had started the journey of Motorcycle Parts Store.

From them small beginnings we now have an experienced team of bikers ready to find the parts you require be they aftermarket or OEM for repairs or restoration.

List of bikes :

  • Suzuki DR 350 1996 – Great bike, almost indestructible.
  • Suzuki Bandit 600 – Street fighter, 1st big bike.
  • Yamaha DT 250 1981 – Still in a million bits it will be complete one day.
  • Yamaha YZF 600 Thundercat – Great reliable tame R6.
  • Piaggio Vespa 125 sport 1997. – always wanted one and think will keep for a long time.
  • Suzuki GSXR 600 2014 – Got this brand New, great fun but not too comfortable long distances.
  • Honda CRF 250 2016 – Got to start enduro.

Hi, I’m Lewis; I’m our off-road and parts expert. I spend 99% of my weekends railing berms, hitting jumps and getting covered head to toe in mud. (Not to mention the 1% I’m not riding I’m in the garage fixing them!). If it is a part you require, anything off road related or just some advice, I’m your man!

Where to start. Well my interest in motorcycles sparked when I was roughly 10 years old. My friend’s mum and dad had just bought him a brand new X-sport 110cc pitbike for Christmas. This was the coolest thing ever. However, I spent weeks getting backies off of him everywhere, too scared to ride it myself. After a few weeks and being pressured by his dad, I took the plunge, saddled up and away I went! Its safe to say that I have never looked back since.

From riding pitbikes on flat fields thinking I was a some sort of a mini Ricky Carmichael. Then came the next step; my first 2-stroke motocross bike. In this case, it was a 2003 Yamaha YZ85. This was the bike that showed me fixing them was just as much fun as riding them (sometimes) and with help from YouTube videos (lets say quite a few of them) this was also the first engine I rebuilt.

The bikes I currently own are;

  • 1999 Honda CR80 RB – This is somewhat a living legend between me and my friends. A 22-year old 80cc 2-stroke kids bike that can somehow manage to pull hole shots against 450’s. A bike I’ve owned for years and will always be the centerpiece of my collection.
  • 2004 Suzuki RM85 S/W – purchased off a friend in several boxes. This is one of my many ongoing projects that hopefully, when finished will have a real Suzuki factory bike look.
  • 2021 Stomp 120R (Fitted with Detroit 170cc engine) – Purchased in July directly from our shop. The stomp 120R was ideal for a little bike to mess around on the weekends and an ideal starter bike for to encourage the kids that come riding with us an opportunity to jump on a manual bike; the same opportunity I was given all those years ago. Now fitted with a 170cc engine as you can never have enough power, lets say its a very surprising little bike.
  • 2016 Lexmoto Venom 125cc. This is my first road legal bike, a reliable work horse that has seen just as much mud as road. This is the bike that opened up my freedom with the ability to go where I want, when I wanted. With plans in place to do my full bike license I still think this bike will stay in my collection just for sentimental reasons.

Hi, I’m Matt, the customer service, marketing and purchasing manager here at MPS. I’m not half bad at photoshop and video editing which comes in very handy with making nice images for the site and our bike build videos for our YouTube channel, that we aim to grow in the future.

I’ve always had an interest in bikes thanks to my dad but didn’t properly get into it myself until I was in my mid twenties, when I had a better income and needed the means to travel. And that’s when I realised I should have done this sooner!

List of Bikes
Honda CG-125 #1 and #2 – My first bike on the road and what a great little thing it was, the older Brazillian model that still had the kickstart on before they were replaced with just electric starts – And that kick came in handy by the end of it’s life too! People say these things are indestructible and hard to break. Well, I managed to do it, too many miles with the throttle pinned. But I loved it so much, I got another!

Kawasaki GPZ500 #3 – My first big bike, bought to do it up and have as my first bike with a full license. It was sturdy and reliable but it was just bit heavy for my liking.

Suzuki SV650 SK5 #4 – This is the first bike I really got to experience the road properly on and went from pottering about to having a lot more fun with riding. Felt like I was going through hyperspace hitting the motorways for the first time but I did so with the biggest grin. I also learned a lot about fixing bikes with this one. I had to fix so much on it and being white it earned the nickname “Snow Blight” but it was still a fantastic bike. While it was fun, it was just not my style, so I sold up and got what had been my dream bike for some time.

Yamaha Vmax 1200 2001 #5 – This one was definitely more my thing. Power, speed and looks awesome. This was also a bike of firsts for me – My first proper accidents, at least. After getting caught up in a traffic accident this bike was written off and I still miss that bike to this day. But I love the Vmax 1200 so much that, once again, I got another!

Yamaha Vmax 1200 1989 #6 – Much older than my first one but still a brilliant machine. It’s been work to keep this thing going, getting it a bit more up to date with every upgrade but everything I do makes it more mine and I wouldn’t trade this bike for the world.

The final member of the team is Simon. He’s our tech guy, a wizard with websites and has some pretty impressive accolades when it comes to working on the web with some well known people. He’s not a biker but is thinking about it. He looks after our channels, our web sites and is always looking for ways to improve MPS online.

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