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Motorcycle Bolt Chrome Caps

Are you looking for a big style upgrade at low cost? Or maybe you’re like me and you just want to hide those crusty old allen bolts holding things together. Either way you should definitely take a look at our Motorcycle Bolt Chrome Caps.

Available in 10mm, 8mm and 6mm, these Chrome Caps can fit a variety of allen bolt head sizes. This makes them ideal whether you’re trying to disguise a big, chunky bolt head or just fill in the
little details of a smaller bolt, these little caps will have a big impact on your bike’s style.

Fitting them is as easy as can be, simply push the cap into the bolt head and that’s all there is to it, they’ll stay in there nice and snugly. If you’re wondering how to get them back out because you’ll
need to get to those bolts at some point, with a sharp point or edge and a little patience you can gently pry them off. They’ll pop out of the bolt head and they’re ready and reusable for another bolt or to go back in when you’re done with the bolt you pulled them out of.

Motorcycle Bolt Chrome caps are available in Chrome,  but you can also get
Black Bolt Caps as well if shiny reflective caps would stand out too much.

Since we’re talking about low cost little upgrades to improve the look of your bike, our locking hole plugs do a great job of tidying up holes that can spoil the look of a bike on frames and elsewhere.

On my bike I was left with holes at my stem mountings when I removed my mirrors for bar ends. Probably not something many would notice but if it’s your bike, it’s the only thing you see. I solved that problem quite nicely with small 8mm Locking Hole Plugs. I know, my bike could use a fresh lick of paint in places but I was stuck with what to do with those holes for ages.

Locking Hole Plugs are available in lots of sizes, all ranging from 51mm to 8mm. Be warned though, only certain sizes are manufactured and they don’t all fit every hole of every bike perfectly. Sometimes
a little bit of modification is needed, like a bit of glue or silicon or maybe shaving down just a bit.

As far as low cost styling mods go, these two little methods are among my favourites. They cost a little bit of change and don’t need any effort, just plug on and play.

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