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Motorcycle service kits

Why should I service my bike?

As the owner of a motorcycle, it is your legal duty to ensure it is roadworthy and does not pose a hazard to yourself, any passengers, other road users or the general public. A full motorcycle service will ensure any mechanical or electrical problems are ironed out ahead of an MOT and of course before they affect the safe operation of your motorbike.

Regularly servicing your motorcycle will prolong its life, maintain its value and allow you to get the best performance and handling. Keeping your bike serviced and maintained will save you money over the bike’s lifetime.

How do I look after my motorcycle?

Motorcycles need regular maintenance and the tasks which you should perform regularly include;

  • checking tyre pressures,
  • keeping the chain lubricated,
  • keeping the bike clean and rust free,
  • checking components are in good condition – for example look for failing bearings, damaged seals and any other wear-and-tear.

Look and Listen

Don?t wait for a problem to occur before taking action. Preventative maintenance is the art of looking for potential problems before the bike speaks. Noises, vibrations, grinding, rattling, rubbing, rasping, whistling, flapping, clicking and sensations of unintended resistance is the language of the motorcycle telling the owner to pull over, get off and take a look. Sooner or later motorcycle riders come to appreciate that a good understanding of their bike?s components and how they operate goes a long way in keeping them safe, keeping their costs down and getting the most from their rides.

How often should a motorbike be serviced?

Generally motorcycles benefit from servicing once a year, or when they reach certain mileage milestones. Each bike will be different, and your owner?s manual should tell you what your specific intervals are. But after your bike is fully run-in, an annual service should suffice. If you?ve got an oil warning light showing, or your engine is running rough, you?ve left it way too late; for both safety and performance, your bike must be serviced at the recommended intervals.

You can complete basic maintenance yourself ? such as topping up or changing the oil, checking and changing the battery, and making sure your chain is tightened, on a week-to-week basis.

Service Kits for your Motorbike

Have your bike or scooter running in top condition after using the MPS Service kits. Everything you need to service your bike in one package.

We have a range of both full service and light service kits comprising selected parts to suit your particular bike model. These handy kits contain engine oil and a change of oil filter , air filter. Some kits also include a spark plug.

The service kits include only high quality parts from premium brands like HiFlo, Motul and NGK.

2-Stroke Motocross Light Service Kit ? Motorex & NGK

Ducati SL 900 Superlight Service Kit

Honda CBR 1000 RR 2004-07 Service Kit

Honda CBR 600 1991-94 Service Kit

Honda CBR 600 1995-98 Service Kit

Honda CBR 600 1999-2000 Service Kit

Honda CBR 600 Service Kit 2001-04

Honda NES 125 / 150 Full Service Kit

Honda PES 125 i 2007-14 Full Service Kit

Honda SH 125 / 150 Full Service Kit

Honda CRF 150R Service Kit Motorex Hiflo & NGK

Honda CBR 125R Service Kit 2004 ? 2015

Honda CRF 150R Light Service Kit Motorex & Hiflo

KTM SXF light Service Kit

KTM Duke 125 Service Kit 2011 ? 2017

Suzuki SV650 Service Kit 2003 ? 2010

Yamaha MT-07 / XSR700 Tracer Full Service Kit

Yamaha MT 125 Service Kit 2014 ? 2017

Yamaha WR 125 Service Kit Plugs,Filters Oil

Yamaha YBR 125 Service Kit 2005 ? 2016

Yamaha YZF 250 light Service Kit

Yamaha YZF R125 Full Service Kit

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