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Motobatt Hybrid Batteries – ground breaking performance and longevity.

Motobatt’s Hybrid batteries utilise the best properties of AGM batteries and Lithium batteries to provide the best performance and compatibility possible.

They have exceptional cranking power, fast charging, a long cycle life, excellent build quality and protection against vibrations and overcharging.

Compared to conventional AGM batteries they are 30% lighter, 90% more powerful and cycle 500% longer.

Compared to lithium batteries they are compatible with far more charging systems, have a larger capacity and work considerably better in cold weather.

Two key factors that justify why you need this battery in your bike.

  1. Increased Amp Hour capacity
  2. Insane cranking performance

The Hybrid takes the best of AGM lead acid—its high AH capacity and cold start ability—and the best of lithium—its high cranking ability and lighter weight—and marries the two. These batteries also use the versatile M-Flex terminal with its solid multi-connection post design and a full 3 YEAR WARRANTY replacement !

The cost of ownership MotoBatt Hybrid is less than even traditional batteries and provides 500-800% longer lifespan.

The Motobatt Hybrid battery was designed specifically to address the known industry challenges with Lithium batteries in Powersports applications. Larger Twin cylinder motorcycles like Harley Davidson, Ducati and BMW draw down hard on the battery as huge inrush currents are required to spin the larger starter motors and turn the crankshaft. These long stroke twins with high compression engines are extremely tough on any battery. Any battery not in tip top condition will struggle to “hold the CCA” required to make a successful ignition in modern Big Twins. This is true of course for any starting battery, but with big twins you need everything going for you. (Note you should always have any battery connected to a maintenance charger when the vehicle is not in use.)

The excitement of Lithium technology for Powersports starter batteries was initially welcomed, but 10 years on prices have reduced considerably and a Lithium battery can be had for around double the price of Lead acid OE battery. Motobatt Hybrid has been designed to have the correct amount of Amp Hour capacity and hold high voltage numbers to create the “watts” required for the job of turning the starter at full speed.

The two main advantages of a lithium battery.

  • Higher Cold Cranking Amps (CCA)
  • Lighter weight vs Lead Acid types (usually around 50%)

However in the real world at normal ambient temperatures what really matters is how many watts the battery is able to supply from initial load to engine start. A second and undeniable issue with Lithium starting batteries in powersports application is that they do not have the same Amp Hour capacity as the OE battery.

Motobatt Hybrid requires no special charger since it is designed to be charged just like a normal lead acid battery. Further is has its own CBC board inside which constantly optimizes performance and balances cells. No additional expense but all the benefits. Lithium batteries do not do well in an over discharged state, deeply discharged cells are often unrevivable.

Motobatt Hybrid is a world first in both preventing warranty and wastage. It is the only AGM lead acid battery with an low voltage shut down to protect the battery from being drawn down to failure, or parasitically drawn down by the vehicle. This is the number one cause of battery warranty enquiries and failures! Simply apply a standard charger to “wake up” the protection board and the lithium component begins a rapid charge. Within 20-30 minutes you have reliable voltage to make a quick restart. Once running the board will optimize the charge rate between the two chemistries until the battery is charged.

Motobatt AGM Lithium Hybrid design creates a higher “Specific Energy” per lb than any battery design on the market. By utilizing both technologies together controlled by our patented CBC board. Hybrid technology essentially gives a much Higher AH rating than OE with all the benefits of high Cranking Amps of Lithium in hot and cold conditions.

Motobatt Hybrid has more than double the Amp Hour capacity of the equivalent Lithium competitors!

  • Completely compatible with all Powersport charging systems old or new.
  • No Special Charger required, no extra cost for big CCA!
  • Faster charging time, rapid recovery of voltage
  • Uniquely versatile with its “M-Flex” terminal providing solid multi connection posts, fits more bikes
  • Outstanding reliable cranking Power in hot and cold conditions
  • Highest Specific Energy and Energy Density
  • Longer cycle life than Lithium or Lead acid
  • Double the Amp Hour capacity of Lithium, superior to Lead acid
  • Protection against overcharging and over discharging
  • Dynamic cell balancing
  • Longer shelf life
  • Lowest cost of ownership around 30% more than OE and less landfill
  • Less expensive than Lithium only designs with superior performance
  • 30% Lighter than Lead Acid Designs