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Kayo Fox 70 Kids Quad Bike

The Fox 70 children’s quad bike is a massively popular kids quad bike and our smallest petrol ATV built for children from 6 years and upwards.

Its made by the manufacturers of Stomp Pit Bikes and has load of borrowed ideas and design input from Stomp Racing in the UK. You can rest assured the Fox 70 quad bike is a carefully calculated concoction of safety, performance, durability and fun.

These little quads often get shipped out to customers still in the box, so we put together a simple video of us putting one together. We made this video quite a while ago now, so while Kayo don’t do the quads in black anymore, they still sell the plastics! So if you want a black one, where there is a will, there is a way!

The Fox 70 features electric start and is fully automatic with adjustable throttle restrictor and safety cut-out lanyard. You can also get remote shut-off switches as well for that extra bit of safety for your little biker, as seen at the end of the video.

The exhaust was designed to be quiet, so you won’t go getting any noise complaints and the electrics are of quality construction, so you can safely hose the quad down of any mud. And being a Kayo ATV, its designed to be ridden regularly so it is completely serviceable and getting a hold of new parts should not be a problem.

The Fox 70 Quad Bike is great value for money, but do not confuse it with generic Chinese rubbish. This is truly a serious quad bike. If you are looking for a quality, rugged little quad for your kid, the Fox 70 Quad Bike is definitely for you!

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